Tutorial Transcript

Every Monday, I sit down and write ideas for videos. I have a small list of ideas that I collect during the week. You text me: "Fedya, please talk about this, talk about that" - and I write them all down. But I also have ideas from talking to students. Let's say they have a problem that they themselves don't know about, but I see it as a teacher. And then I write it down too. And I understand that this topic is faced by many, and many have a problem with this topic. So. But very often ideas also come not only from talking with students or from you, but I try to remember how I learned English. What I could do, what couldn't do. What I would like to get during that period to make it easier for myself to study English. And a lot of videos that are on this channel, they were the ideas that were taken from there. I just understand that now there are not many videos about the Russian language, where people talk about the strategy, about the approach to the language, and of course I have to fix this. That's why let's say now we are recording a video in Russian, because I wanted to have something similar, I missed it when I was studying, and therefore I want to help you with this. Well here are three sources of ideas.