Tutorial Transcript

I have a good group people, of us all: one, two, three, four, fi ... six! There are only six of us and we are very are close to each other. Of course, inside our company there are people who are very close to each other as well there are some that not very close but we talk a lot as a company. We very often spend time together etc. And I have only five friends. Five good, great friends The rest of the people in my life they are friends but they are more acquaintances. I can't call everyone else friends because that they don't know me, they don't know me as I am and in addition my real friends they changed me somehow ... somehow in childhood or as a teenager they somehow changed me. Maybe a little bit, maybe very much changed, but they somehow influenced who I am now. And my acquaintances, let's say at university they already see me as I am and it's hard for them to affect me Therefore, it is very hard for me to treat them with a completely open soul because they don't know me as well and because I have my good I don't need any friends anymore, I have enough and so every time I come back home I very often ... my friends and I get together and just talk and in three weeks, approximately, I'll see my friends again.