Tutorial Transcript

Me and my girlfriend Victoria, we went to Orange County, It's a village near Los Angeles, for one day, for our date. We just wanted to relax,it's a little colder there than here in Los Angeles. And in in general, wanted to relax, wanted to see interesting new places. And so we went early in the morning, we were driving for about one and a half, probably, hours. We had breakfast in a normal cafe, was not very tasty, expensive but not very delicious. Then we went to the beach. we came to the beach and we wanted to go for a ride on bicycles, and we got ourselves a double bicycle on which two seats for two people. That is, it's like double... double bike. we thought that it would be much colder, but it was very hot, so we only rode for one hour. We thought that we would be two or three hours there, we'd go to different places, will be very interesting, cool, but it was very difficult, because the bike itself is very heavy, so it was very difficult, and it was very hot. As a result, we rode just an hour and that's it, and returned the bicycle. Then we went to eat lunch. We arrived in such a lovely lovely little mini-town in which there was a small island probably even, in which there were many good interesting restaurants, very small, but very high-quality. So we sat down and began to eat lunch, and Victoria ordered herself a fine sandwich that just melts in your mouth, and it was just amazing. And then we went to a restaurant of wine. That is, there is a restaurant, but it specializes in wine, and there we were given many different wines to test, taste, and we drank a lot of wine, and it was very tasty, we sat talking about interesting topics, it was very interesting, and just was amazing an amazing place, it was just great to sit there, it was very cozy there, very comfortable, and we ate and drank wine there So, and then we went back. We were driving back for longer, because there was traffic jams on the way back, but we arrived somewhere at 4 hours, at 5. And that's it and on this our journey came to the end. Well, that's it. I said everything I wanted.