Tutorial Transcript

I started reading a book that's called Thinking Fast and Slow. This book is about psychology. and I really like it. In this book the author says that our mind is divided into two parts. The first part is instinctive, and the second is logical. That is, many of our decisions are made by the instinctive part and we think that we fully control ourselves, and he, the author, gives many examples where our thinking is not followed by logic, and that we need to understand it, and you need to know about it, to make good decisions as a personal, and, let's say, if you’re aboss, so you make good decisions. And I want to say that this the book taught me a lot because I am a teacher and it is very important to me to know how the human brain is designed, and how the human mind is designed so I can better or easier explain material to our students and I want read more and more about psychology, maybe read books on how to teach, for me to know what my student thinks so that I could better explain the material to himl.