Tutorial Transcript

I came to America almost a week ago, a little over a week ago. I came here because I have a job here. I will work. I will be a manager in one small company. I will help them develop and find new sources of income but also of course I will be doing BeFluent, which is what am I doing now. Now I'm in Los Angeles, and there are so many good places here, very interesting, very hot also. I look forward to when I will fully learn about Los Angeles from the inside out but I want to talk about my flight and my acclimatization. I flew pretty quickly. The flight took me only probably, 18 hours, including time between flights, that is, I spent at the airport: an hour in Novosibirsk, flew for 3 houts, then 2 hours in Moscow and then I flew for 12 hours. About 20 hours I spent in total. Basically it's ok but when I came here in this house, then I realized that I am getting sick, that my condition is very bad. And this is from for the fact that I have not acclimatized yet. I was a little sick, slept a lot. I didn’t expect this from myself, this was never the case, and I flew from America to Russia probably 10 times already, and this has never happened, this is the first time when I just got sick for a week roughly speaking. But now everything is fine, now I am back and ready, now I'm ready again to take care of my business and work, shoot videos, make content for the Russian language students and also work at my job. Therefore friends if you fly to another part of our planet then be prepared to simply acclimatize for a week.