Tutorial Transcript

Russian winter is very beautiful. I love Russian winter, because in winter it’s very beautiful in the streets, beautiful snow falls in winter, in the winter it's very quiet and you can safely walk on the streets. For example, yesterday I walked through the forest and it was very quiet there. Winter in Russia is cold, in Novosibirsk where I live, it's cold here, but still if you wear a sweater, a jacket, hat and a scarf everything will be fine. You will not freeze. And in winter it's very nice to be outside for short time. You should not be on the street for a long time and every time I come home in winter, there is a very pleasant atmosphere. Here are the holidays New Year, Christmasm and a lot of joy and happiness is around and people are just smiling more than other times of the year, I also hate when I'm hot. Unfortunately, in Russia there are very few air conditioners in homes because in winter they freeze. That's why if it's hot outside, the house is also very hot and I really do not like it. That is why in winter you can always open the window and cool off.