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At LanguageHelpers we provide simple language translations for learning words and phrases. The site has been structured into three area's

  • Quick words & phrases - English to French, German, Latvian, Russian and Spanish. Learn how to read and write words & phrases. Understand grammar and begin pronuncing letter accents correctly. Step by step begin expanding you knowledge and becoming fluent with your chosen language.
  • Language videos - We have sourced all the best language video tutorials from around the internet and grouped them into easy categories for you to listen and learn. Language videos are a great resource, they are free to play and the huge quantity available means you will have plenty to get you started, learning French, German, Italian and or Spanish. We are continuing to search for more videos every day so keep watching.
  • Learn English - We felt providing English translations to foriengers would be a useful step by brining the multi lingual world closer together. Our hope is that we can bring the knowledge from around the world to share with others.


Alphabets are your first step to learning a new language. It's important to understand how a letter sounds to help you pronounce a word correctly.

We have two alphabets recorded for you to listen too.

The Latvian Alphabet

The Russian Alphabet


Translation Dictionaries

Looking for a new French, German or Italian word. You may find it with the word searches below.


English to French

We have added over 32,000 English to French words within this simple dictionary. There is also information on English to French grammar and useful language videos which will help you to learn the French language step by step.

English to German

English to Italian


Language Facts

Every language has a story. A begining and a time line of change. We can learn a lot from where a language has been and these pages will give you a starting point of discovery.

Arabic Language Facts

Chinese Language Facts

French Language Facts

German Language Facts

Italian Language Facts

Latvian Language Facts

Russian Language Facts

Spanish Language Facts


Basic Mandarin

We have recently added a new basic Mandarin page which we will be updating with the most common words and phrases for refference when learning this popular language.


Learn Basic Mandarin


The Original Language Helpers started with two online language programs. Both of these programs require a flash player which is not suitable for Andriod and IOS devices but still play on a desktop PC running Windows, Mac or Linux.

The Original Latvian Language Helper

The Original Russian Language Helper

Learning English to French

Accents & Diacritical Marks

We have started adding simple French grammar tips into our popular pages which we hope will teach you how to read French words correctly. By including appropriate grammar examples with phrases may trigger that understanding we are all searching for. Together with these French grammar snippets, we are incorporating language videos for those of you who prefer to watch and learn.

English to French Pronunciation