French word list for everyday conversation

Here's a list of common French phrases that will help you communicate whilst travelling in France. Your trip will be much more enjoyable if you have a basic French vocabulary and the locals will appreciate your efforts.

Yes, please
Oui, s'il vous plaît
wee, seel voo play
No, thank you
Non, merci
nong, mair-see
S'il vous plaît
seel voo play
Thank you
Merci (madame / monsieur)
mair-see (mah-dahm / mer-syer)
You're welcome
Il ñ'y a pas de quoi
eel nyah pah der kwah
Here are
There is / There are
Hello/Good morning/afternoon
Bonjour, (madame / monsieur)
bong-zhoor, (mah-dahm / mer-syer)
Hello/Good evening
Bonsoir (madame / monsieur)
bong-swahr, (mah-dahm / mer-syer)
Au revoir
oh rer-vwahr
Good night
Bonne nuit
bonn nwee
How are you? / How are you feeling?
Comment allez-vous?
kommahng tahlay voo
Very well, thanks
Très bien, merci
tray byang mair-see
Excuse me
ex-kewzay mwah
Do you speak English?
Parlez vous anglais?
pahrlay voo ahng-glay
Can you help me?
Est-ce que vous pouvez m'aider?
essker voo poovay may-day
I don't understand
Je ne comprends pas
zher ner kong-prahng pah
I don't know
Je ne sais pas
zher ner say pah
Could you please write it down
Est-ce que vous pouvez l'écrire?
essker voo poovay lay-kreer
Leave me alone!
Laissez-moi tranquille
lay-say mwah trahng-keel
Lequel? / Laquelle?
ler-kell / lah-kell
Where is...?
Où est...?
oo ay
How much?
How many?
What's that?
Qu'est-ce que c'est?
kessker say
I'd like...
Je voudrais...
zher voodray
I want...
Je veux...
zher ver
I like it
Ça me plaît
sahm play
I don't like it
Ça ne me plaît pas
sah ner mer play pah
Ça va
sah vah
That's fine
C'est bon
say bon
I love you (singular)
Je t'aime
zhuh tem
I love you! (plural)
Je vous aime
zhuh voo zem

Learn these basic French words and common phrases with the correct French pronunciation. If you are serious about learning French we recommend starting at The French Language page where you will find free language videos for learning the alphabet, numbers, French greatings, apologizing and French listening skills for absolute beginners.

French word pronunciation list

The following examples show you how to pronounce French letter combinations. The italic examples are the English equivalents.

French Letter
English Sound
a ah
ai eh
au oh
eau oh
e ee
eu uh
ei eh
i ee
in eh
ien yeh
o oh
ou oo
on aw
om aw
oi wah
u uu
un eh

French measurements

English Word
French Word
le centimètre
(0.39 in.)
le mètre
(3.28 feet)
le kilomètre
(0.621 mile)
le litre
(1.75 pints)
le gramme
(0.0352 oz.)
le kilo(gramme)
(2.20 lbs)

French Colors (US) / Colours (UK)

The below English French translations show a list of colors and there pronunciation with links to French lessons by Lya and FrenchPod101. You can watch all the French videos here: French Colors | Tutorial Videos.

English Word
French Word
Beige beige
Black noir/e
Blue bleu/e
Brown marron
Green vert/e
Grey gris
Orange orange
Pink rose
Purple violet/te
Red rouge
Yellow jaune
White blanc/-che
Dark foncé
Light clair/e

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French words list for saying the time

English Phrase
French Phrase
Time l'heure
What time is it? Quelle heure est-il?
It is a quarter to two Il est 2 heures moins le quart
1am une heure du matin
1:05 une heure du matin
2:10 deux heures dix
3:15 trois heures et quart
4:30 quatre heures et demie
5:35 six heures moins vingt-cinq
11:25 am onze heures quarante cinq or midi moins le quart
noon midi
midnight minuit
today aujourd'hui
morning le matin
afternoon l'après midi(m)
evening le soir/la soirée
night la nuit
tonight ce soir
an hour ago il y a une heure
a long time ago il y a longtemps
not so long ago il n'y a pas si longtemps
next month le mois prochain
next summer l'été prochain
next year l'année prochaine
this weekend cette fin de semaine
soon bientôt
yesterday hier
the day before yesterday avant hier
that day ce jour là
at that moment à ce moment là
tomorrow demain
the day after tomorrow aprés-demain

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French word list for talking about the weather

English Phrase
French Phrase
Weather Météo
What's the weather like? Quel temps fait-il?
The weather is nice il fait beau
It's warm il fait chaud
It is foggy il fait du brouillard
It is sunny il fait du soleil
It is windy il fait du vent
It's cold il fait froid
The weather is bad il fait mauvais
It rains / It's raining il pleut
It snows / It's snowing il neige
It is cloudy le temps est nuageux

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Learn French words with native speakers

You will learn French words faster when you listen to native speakers. These videos and lessons have been developed by French speaking teachers in a fun and friendly way. You will find your ability to remember essential words improves with every lesson and your pronunciation will being to flow much more naturally. We have included speaking exercises were ever possible. Listening to conversations in real life situations that you will expect to find whilst travelling around French speaking countries will be your greatest asset.

Common French words

The advantage of learning the most common French words first is that you will have a better chance of understanding parts of the conversations going on around you, helping you to pick up more French word patterns.

To become fluent in French you will need to learn around 5% of all available words which equates to 10,000 words. We can break this down into smaller steps: Learning just 100 of the most common words will enable you to understand half of the words you can expect to read in a book or online in a blog. Learn 1000 words and you will start to understand 75% of what you read.

Now consider, when you learn a word, how many words which sound similar are related?

On average, for every word you learn you will be able to work out 50 other words. Suddenly the world is a smaller place!