You won't get very far without money. Learn all of the useful words and phrases associated with acquiring and spending money.

Talking at the money exchange

Nine interchangeable phrases to get you started.

Where's the bureau de change?
Où est le bureau de change?
oo ay ler bewroh der shahngzh
I want to change...
Je voudrais changer...
zher voodray shahng-zhay
some travellers' cheques
des travellers chèques
day trah-ver-ler shek
some dollars/pounds
des dollars/des livres
day dollahr/day leevr
Will you change this into...
Est-ce que vous pouvez changer ceci en...
essker voo poovay shahng-zhay ser-see ahng
French/Swiss/Belgian francs
francs français/suisses/belges
frahng frahng-say/sweess/belzh
What's the exchange rate?
Quel est le taux du change?
kell ay ler tow dew shahngzh
How much commission do you charge?
Quelle commission est-ce que vous prenez?
kell kommee-syong essker voo prer-nay
Can I have some small notes?
Est-ce que je peux avoir des petites coupures?
essker zher per ahvwahr day per-teet koo-pewr