Money Exchange Words & Phrases

Learn to speak French at the money exchange, bank and post office. Here are some survival word and phrases that will help you through your day.

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French money exchange
Where's the bureau de change?
Où est le bureau de change?
oo ay ler bewroh der shahngzh
I want to change...
Je voudrais changer...
zher voodray shahng-zhay
some travellers' cheques
des travellers chèques
day trah-ver-ler shek
some dollars/pounds
des dollars/des livres
day dollahr/day leevr
Will you change this into...
Est-ce que vous pouvez changer ceci en...
essker voo poovay shahng-zhay ser-see ahng
French/Swiss/Belgian francs
francs français/suisses/belges
frahng frahng-say/sweess/belzh
What's the exchange rate?
Quel est le taux du change?
kell ay ler tow dew shahngzh
How much commission do you charge?
Quelle commission est-ce que vous prenez?
kell kommee-syong essker voo prer-nay
Can I have some small notes?
Est-ce que je peux avoir des petites coupures?
essker zher per ahvwahr day per-teet koo-pewr

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