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100% French

3 French Verb Groups Explained

Accents in French

Acheter (to buy)

Aimer (to like/love)

Animals (French Vocab)

Appeler (to call)

Apprendre (to learn)

Arriver (to arrive)

Articles in French

Être (to be)

Attendre (to wait)

Avoir (to have)

Écouter (to listen)

Boire (to drink)

Comprendre (to understand)

Connaître (to know)

Countries (French Vocab)

Friday 30th of September 2016European Countries in French
European Countries in French

Demander (to ask)

Devoir (to become)

Entendre (to hear)

Faire (to do/make)

Finir (to finish)


French Adverbs

Wednesday 3rd of August 2016Useful French Adverbs
Useful French Adverbs

French Lessons 1-20

French Lessons 21-40

French Possessive Adjectives

French Possessive Pronouns

Manger (to eat)

Musical Instruments (French Vocab)

Negations in French

Numbers in French

Penser (to think)

Pouvoir (to be able to)

Prendre (to take)

Prepositions in French

Questions in French

Savoir (to know how to do something)


Subject pronouns in French

Vouloir (to want)