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French Language for: "Beginners"

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Where to start?

Most of the time, learning a few French words to get us through our holiday is all we need. However, every now and then we need to understand just a little bit more to feel comfortable within our surroundings. The following French language lessons are a great place to start.

Introduction to French - Why Study French?

5 minutes 43 seconds
Learning a new language unlocks new pathways that could be off limits to you now, such as more job opportunities, having the freedom to move to a French-speaking country.

Learning the French language will help you to see the world from a new angle as language and culture go hand in hand enabling you to see and experience more. Several studies have shown, learning a new language helps to improve your memory which will keep your mind fit and healthy.

So why learn French in particular? over 200,000,000 people speak french across 5 continents. French is the 2nd most widely spoken language after English so the number of speakers is growing fast. French is currently the 9th largest spoken language in the world. Not to mention France has the 6th largest economy with a massive aerospace industry comprising of many research facilities located in the aerospace valley. If you are working around the cosmetics and perfume industry you will most certainly be involved with French area's of your business.

French Alphabet

8 minutes 44 seconds
The first place you need to start is the French alphabet. Alexa Polidoro will show you how to say each letter, teaching you the building blocks to learn more words.

French Numbers & Counting

50 videos that will teach you to count
Get to grips with counting in French. These French language videos will have you counting to 100 in no time.
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French Greetings and Introductions

9 minutes 53 seconds
When starting to learn a language we begin with greetings and introductions. Within this French language video Alexa shows us how to say: 1. bonjour et bienvenue (hello and welcome), 2. je m'appelle... (I call myself...), 3. mon nom est... (my name is...), 4. je suis française (I am french), 5. je parle français et anglais, 6. comment ça va? (how are you?), 7. oui, ça va bien (I'm ok), 8. ça va mal (I'm not ok), 9. ça va pas mal (I'm not bad), 10. ça va comme ci comme ça (I'm so so).

Top 10 French phrases for intoducing yourself

3 minutes 13 seconds
1. comment t'appelles-tu? (what's your name?), 2. es-tu déjà allé(e) en France? (have you been to France?) - non, c'est ma première fois - (no it's my first time), 3. hey, salut, comment vas-tu? (hey, hi, how are you doing?), 4. aimes-tu la cuisine française? (do you like French food?), 5. c'est quand votre anniversaire? (when is your birthday?), 6. d'où venez-vous? (where are you from?), 7. où as-tu appris le français? (where did you learn French?), 8. où habitez-vous? (where do you live?), 9. où sont les toilettes? (where is the bathroom?), 10. où travaillez-vous? (where do you work?) - je travaille en tant que designer - (I work as a designer). Play

How to Apologize In France

3 minutes 14 seconds
Learning how to apologize correctly is probably the most important thing you learn before traveling to any new country. This video will teach you all the important words in just over three minutes.

French listening skills for beginners

19 French listening videos, 38 minutes in total
At some point you will need to start listening to French conversations to practice understaning French words in real life situations. These 19 French lessons will start you off easy.
Each of these 19 French listening videos, for absolute beginners, is about 2 minutes long. Thats 38 minutes of French language lessons absolutely gratuit free of charge ☺
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French Language for: "Intermediates"

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The next level

At the intermediate level, you will still have plenty of free French language resources to fuel your learning program. Our focus will be on French listening and reading skills.

Ask a French Teacher Series

16 free French language lessons
The FrenchPop101 "Ask a French Teacher" series is a great step into intermediate French. Candice (the French teacher!) broadens your understanding of the French language with a top level explanation of written and spoken French, types of questions, what does SI mean, using French slang, using Le Verlan, what is Le Monde Francophone?, business expressions and when to use EN?
Ask a French Teacher series

French Reading Practice

5 French language lessons (1 minute 15 seconds each)
Don't let these French Reading Practice for Beginners lessons fool you, they are actually quite hard.
French Reading Practice Tutorials