Tutorial Transcript

salute the jamaat al indeed hi everybody I'm Ingrid welcome to French part 101.com through content on community the fastest easiest and most fun way to learn French in the last lesson we learn the phrase excuse moi Xcover parle Anglais excuse me do you speak English we mentioned the word excuse moi which means excuse me in formal French in this lesson we are going to learn how to use excuse moi and other words when apologizing in French we should use excuse moi in formal situation such as when you are ordering something in bars or restaurants for example excuse moi and cafe s'il vous plait excuse me a coffee please excuse moi and cafe s'il vous plait we can also use it when asking a question excuse moi well a 2 FL excuse me where is the Eiffel Tower excuse moi who a lateral - sometimes we also hear people saying s'il vous plait which means the same thing when you want to draw somebody's attention we always use this phrase in formal speech s'il vous play the informal way to say excuse me is excuse me excuse more just like excuse moi we can use excuse moi when asking a question or when apologizing we can also use the word button you might hear this phrase translated as forgive me in English but it's not formal or strong at all French people use it in very casual situations all of these phrases can be used for either excuse me or I'm sorry but if you really want to apologize for something it might be better to use a different phrase that phrase is just read easily it means I am sorry and can be used in both formal and informal situations just 3d Zhu Li first we have the familiar sure all i next we insert the French word for to be at when this is conjugated for sure in French it is three finally we have the objective dizzily meaning sorry just three days early now it's time for Ingrid's insides please remember than in France if you accidentally bump it to someone we don't say I'm sorry just read easily instead we say excuse me excuse me oh pardon forgive me are you able to count in French in the next lesson we will learn the numbers in French from 1-10 I'll be waiting for you in the next lesson the concert on hominids I've not talked for approaching listen