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then you je m'appelle in hit hi everybody I'm Ingrid welcome to French part 101.com live concert on comment the fastest easiest and the most fun way to learn French in the last lesson we learned the numbers from 1-10 have you forgotten here I'll tell you again I'll do 12 cut such C's set with nerve this and now let's continue from 11 Enzo Enza deucey deucey has crazy Cato's cha taza taza taza says says d set this set D sweet Dee sweet Dee snuff this enough and finally we have the vow okay now repeat after me I'll say the numbers and give you time to repeat each one Inza deucey chiasm get those dolls says defect digit this knife though these numbers may seem harder to remember but you really just have to memorize owns dues plays chattels terms says and one but 4d set digit this knife the numbers always start with this or ten let's not stop at 20 counting from 10 to 100 is super easy now I'll give you the tense count giant sand count sweat sounds sweat on this jet rava cappa van this so while you have to memorize a few of these numbers there are a couple of tricks that will make memorizing them incredibly easy notice that 60 is sweat and 70 is sweat on this do you remember what this means of course it is a number 410 so 70 is simply 6010 sweat on this swath salt diss 80 is Kotova break it is down the first part which we learned in the previous lesson is check for the second part we learned earlier in this lesson what does it mean that's right training so altogether saying 80 is like saying for trainees chat cat and ninety Katia van Dee's is just like 70 add 10 to the number before 80 plus 10 is 90 Kotova this chart over this the last thing to learn today is how to form compound numbers above 20 this is also super easy take the temps and simply add the numbers you learned in the previous lesson let's try it out how would you say 56 in French let's take it step by step 50 is some comps and then add six six second sis it's done isn't that easy let's make another number for instance 98 take 90 capture on this and add eight with jet revamped digit one last tricky part if you are trying to add the number armed in the compound number for example 21 or 31 you need to add an e before our 21 is not one it is van t 31 is count uh-huh after only two lessons you're not able to count to one android in french in the next lesson we are going to put your number knowledge to use do you have the skills to go shopping in France if not I'll be waiting for you in the next lesson live concert on community adjustable air cushion listen you