Tutorial Transcript

salut je m'appelle indeed hi everybody I'm Ingrid welcome to French part 101 comes your Casa on comment the fastest easiest and most fun way to learn French in the last lesson we learn how to introduce ourself in French today we are going to learn how to use good manners as we thank people that trap are you ready hello Zippity so let's start there are several ways to thank someone let's start with the easiest it is just one word messy messy messy means thank you when saying thank you very much you just need to add beaucoup merci beaucoup merci beaucoup beaucoup means a lot so messy beaucoup is like saying thank you very much during the last lesson we mentioned both the informal and the formal way of speaking French maxi is the casual way to thank someone if you want to be more formal there is another phrase you should use Juvederm XC Zhu mu who may see let's break this phrase down sure is I Andrew is the formal word for you Kumasi means give thanks I give thanks to you je vous remercie how do you answer it's easy there are basically two different ways to do it the first is do ya do ya do ya literally means it's nothing but it is the equivalent of you are welcome the other way to say you are welcome is the expression Jerusalem zhu zhu zhu li literally this phrase means i beg you to do it oh please do but it has become a common and polite way to respond to someone thanking you so when someone say you messy to you we can simply reply with dunya or dhruv's Anki now it's time for Ingrid's inside if you're not sure about whether to use messy or really messy just keep it simple you don't have to worry about formal or informal situations messy can be used with just about anyone anywhere at anytime do you know what overwork means in our next lesson you will learn this and other greetings in French I don't owe a nasty LFO Jennison you