Tutorial Transcript

tell you Jonathan indeed hi everybody I'm Ingrid welcome to French part water one calms blue francais on community the fastest the easiest and the most fun way to learn French in the last lesson we learn how to count in French I hope you spend some time practicing the numbers because they will come in handy today we are going to learn how to go shopping in France before we go you need to know how to say how much is it come dance I could cool down sir good are you ready to go shopping in France let's go you see something you like and want to ask the shop clerk how much it costs the first thing to say to a shop tag is excuse moi do you remember what that means excuse me excuse moi come you're so cute excuse e ma-kun ha ha good if you want to be more specific when asking how much is it and refer to a certain type of object we first need to drop the word SAP next we need to know if the object is a feminine or masculine object if it is masculine add sir when referring to it or set for a feminine object and then say the noun for example hat is a masculine word chapeau excuse Emma Cooney ikutsu chapeau excuse me how much is that hat excuse moi cumbia could sue chapeau and skirt is a feminine noun jib excuse moi comme young could say jib excuse me how much is this code excuse moi comme Blanc could set jib at this point the shop clerk an answer by saying circuit PHA or say for example Sackett taught navajo Safa cotton f o or say Tom nephew what number is hot enough I'm not telling you okay okay it's 39 it costs thirty nine euros now it's time for ingots in size a quicker way to ask how much is second John which literally means how much even when you ask for coffee you can ask the cashier and cafes accumulation will play one espresso please how much is it at this point can you count euros in French we are going to learn how to do this and much more in the next lesson I'll be waiting for you in our next lesson the concept of community identify opportunism