Tutorial Transcript

studies je m'appelle in hit hi everybody I'm Ingrid welcome to French part 101.com blues home fair on community the fastest easiest and the most fun way to learn French in the last lesson we learn some words used when apologizing in French including excuse moi and just read easily in this lesson we are going to learn numbers in French yes numbers Linoone from 1 to 10 and you are going to learn them in only 3 minutes 12 minutes are you ready let's start ah ah clop clop chat cap sank sunk sis sis set set wit wit enough math dis this okay now repeat after me I'll say the numbers and give you time to repeat each one do wah yep sunk sis set with nuf this great job so what is before uh do you know it's the same as in English but with a different pronunciation 0z aho you don't have any more excuses you can give your friends your cell phone number in French let's try together we'll use a phrase Manu Meho say Lou which means my number is moon new Meho say Lou Manu me Jose Lou Quaqua set um du du cap nerve sis wit can you read it by yourself twat twat set ah do do cat nuff sis width perfect now it's time for Ingrid's insights when we go to the post office in France we sometimes I have to stand in line with a number when it's your turn to check out they scream Noomi Noomi oh geez and so on learn your numbers well so you can be ready do you know the French word for 100 in the next lesson we are going to learn the numbers from 11 to 100 in French your task now is to practice the numbers we studied in this lesson from UM to this advanced opal approach and listen