The basic Russian words page is aimed at individuals who need to learn some quick Russian phrases before their tip to Russia. If you are looking for a more interactive lessons try browsing our selection of free Russian language lessons.

Russian Alphabet

The Russian Cyrillic alphabet consists of 33 letters, 11 vowels, 20 consonants and 2 letters which do not have a sound (instead they make the word harder or softer). Also hand written Russian looks different to printed Russian. Click on the letters in the above app to hear how they sound.

Below you can see each of the Russian letters and listen to the pronunciation.

Keyboard Letter
English Equivalent
Hand Written Letter
А а А а А а
Б б B b А а
В в V v А а
Г г G g А а
Д д D d А а
Е е YE ye А а
Ё ё YO yo А а
Ж ж Zh zh А а
З з Z z А а
И и EE ee А а
Й й I i or Y y А а
К к K k А а
Л л L l А а
М м M m А а
Н н N n А а
О о Stressed: O o and Un-stressed: A a А а
П п P p А а
Р р R r А а
С с S s А а
Т т T t А а
У у U u А а
Ф ф F f А а
Х х H h or KH kh А а
Ц ц TS ts А а
Ч ч CH ch А а
Ш ш SH sh А а
Щ щ SH sh А а
Ъ ъ Hard Sign - This Character does not have a sound it makes the previous letter sound harder. А а
Ы ы I i А а
Ь ь Soft Sign - This Character does not have a sound it makes the previous letter sound softer. А а
Э э E e А а
Ю ю YU yu А а
Я я YA ya А а

Download the Russian desktop alphabet

Download the Russian alphabet app

Contains: Keyboard characters - Hand written letters - Letter sounds.

Installs straight to your window desktop. Provides a quick referancs, when learning from phrase books or the internet.

How to say hello

English Russian
Good Morning!
Доброе утро!
Good afternoon!
Добрый день!
Good Evening!
Добрый вечер!