Tutorial Transcript

"F" means Fedor is speaking "B" means Vadim is speaking. F - Vadim hello! V - Hi, Fed. F - How is everything? V - Everything is great Just got back from work and immediately came to you. F - This is, this is good. How did the work go? V - As usual, work, you sit you work, rest, work, pick in the nose. F - pick in the nose? This is alright. V - Yes F - And what is your occupation, Vadim? V - I work for my father at a firm, I am a project designer a little bit. Yes, and also am a musician. Yes. F - Musician? V - Yes. Here there will be, somewhere below, a link to instagram. Subscribe. F - Link to instagram, subscribe. Yes. And do you sing? Do you play the guitar? Or... V - I write my music and I work with a girl who sings, sings very well. You will see for yourself, make sure in that. F - Yes, on Instagram, on Instagram, come on in. V - Yes, on Instagram. Yes, I write music, I play instruments. And so, this is how goes all my day F - I see. Do you already have a group founded? Is there a group name, or not yet? V - By the way, guys, we have No name for the band. It's two of us, I write music I play the instrument, the girl sings. We really need a name. Follow the link in description, think of a name, write it in the comments. F - Yes, if you have good ideas for the name of Vadim's band, please write. I think that there will be what to choose from. I see, Vadim. My day was very good too. V - A, yes. How was your day, Fed? F - My day was great! Today I worked a lot, I worked a lot today around the house. I shoveled the snow, then, if you saw near the house I chopped off all branches of the tree of ours. Chopped them all into pieces and put away. I did about this for about three hours. V - Chopped branches? F - Chopped branches V - Okay F- Well, I cut them off, then chopped into small pieces. V - I see. F - There was a lot of work Yes. V - Fedya, listen, I know that you too do music in some way. Tell me how you practice. F - Oh. This is a good question. I play guitar. I don't sing, I just play the guitar. V - I heard you sing. F - When? V - It was the case. F - It was very very V - Long time ago and not true. F - Yes, that was a long time ago. but in general, yes, I can sing a little bit but I don't do it much, but I I play the guitar very often. And now I train my hearing. I play of some technique practice and so on. More like trying to pick up melodies, come up with something cool, play improvisation and so on. Only like that so far. But I do it very little, unfortunately. And I want to do more of it in this new year, 2019 want to do more of it. Yes. V - Well, that's great. Do you have a favorite band, maybe a performer. F - Of course I do. V - I did not know, tell me. F - You did not know? V - No F - I think you knew. Well, I have a favorite band Alter Bridge. It's a wonderful band. And Tremonti, Tremonti too. This is more of a hard rock, but also a very, very interesting group. And what are your favorite groups? Vadim? V - Oh, it's very complicated but a very interesting question thank you for it. F - You're welcome V - I share a few preferences with Fedor, yes. I also really like Myles Kennedy. This is the lead singer of Alter Bridge. F - Yes V - And I'm a big jazz fan. I just love jazz, some of my most favorite artists is Buddy Rich, Coltrane, Miles Davis, and so on. F - Miles Davis, yes I know him too V - I love very much. And, well, something popular - my favorite singer is Sam Smith. Here, it's just ... F - Oh, I didn't even know that. about you. V - Yes, Sam Smith, Adele. Here it is. F - And you listened to Myles Kennedy album, solo one. V - Which has a little country music mixed in it? F - Well, that, well, yes. Well, his only album. V - Yes, yes. I listened. I liked a couple of songs. F - Yes, he is cool.