Tutorial Transcript

In Russia, we celebrate the New Year on the night from the 31st of December to the 1st of January. Like all over the world. But we celebrate Christmas On January 7th. Usually, Christmas is celebrated. December 25th, at least in America. I'm not sure about Europe and other countries but I know for sure that Christmas in America is on December 25th. But we celebrate it on the 7th of January And due to the fact that the New Year before Christmas for us, it is the main holiday. That is, we have a lot of fun on the New Year. And Christmas is usually just a family holiday. When the whole family is coming together and celebrates this holiday. Usually Christmas is a religious holiday, and not all celebrate it fully. We give gifts on New Year, on Christmas we don't give gifts. There are, of course, other traditions for Christmas but, honestly, I know little about them. But we have a very amazing, two amazing traditions on the New Year. The first is to write a wish on New Year on a piece paper, burn it and shake ashes in a glass of champagne. And when comes the New Year, exactly that second drink this ... this ash with champagne and then wish will be fulfilled. But in my circle of friends and friends, this story ... this tradition is not very strong. We have another tradition - we, before the New Year, in probably twenty seconds before, get up on a chair or something high and when it comes New Year, we jump from chair to floor. And what is the tradition? In that we jump into the New Year.