Tutorial Transcript

Now It's very hot in Novosibirsk. I'm sitting in a sunny room, and it's incredibly hot here, I'm sweating. And recently was normal weather it was cold, probably twenty degrees Celsius, and now it's 30 degrees Celsius. It is very hot for me, and I therefore stay inside. I do not go out, I do not like the hot weather. I'm constantly tired and sluggish, and therefore I like cold or cool weather, because when it's cold outside You can wear a T-shirt or jacket, and you will be fine, but when it's hot you can't take off your skin and so on to get colder. And so I like the cooler weather,, but I I hope that by the end of the summer the weather will be colder/ I don't know if this will happen, but I hope. I will also go to California soon It will be even hotter there and I think... I hope that I will have air conditioning in my apartment.