Tutorial Transcript

Money. Money is big part of our life, we all work very hard to earn our living every one of us, almost every one of us, devotes part of his life making money. But over time I realized, I rethought the role of money in my life when I was at university, they gave me money, I didn't work, I didn't earn money myself Of course, I had a BeFluent in Russian channel, there was some small money, but it wasn't enough for my living. But now I fully earn money for my living, nobody gives me money just becuase I myself have to make money, and I realized how much money how much more valuable is every penny, every cents we earn and I began to appreciate money more that was given to me before, because I understood how hard it is to make money and how important is money in our life, well and also I realized that, I noticed that people fall into two categories, those that take care of their money, their earnings, their expenses, and those who don't care for their money and do not keep track of their expenses. So it turns out that people in the second category they work and spend, work and spend work and spend. They have no goal for the future in terms of their finances, and those who watch their money, very often they act more correctly with them and make smarter decisions. And very often people who are watching after their money you can see their progress, from year to year they live better and better and better and better. Now, of course, I also try to teach myself how to manage my expenses correctly, how properly manage my finances I have already learned a lot of different rules and I think I still have a lot to learn and I still have a lot to find out