Tutorial Transcript

I noticed that Apple slowly but surely gets worse and worse and worse and worse, the innovation that they made in two thousandths with an iPhone, with an iPod, with the same ipad, iMac, and so on now we don't notice it anymore, they no longer bring anything new to the market, on the contrary, they repeat what is already there. For example, like the Apple Watch, Samsung already had it for many many years and then Apple joined them, which is very strange. And of course, everyone says that Steve Jobs was exactly the face of that motivation .. that innovation, but I think it's not about Steve Jobs, and the matter is even in us. We .. I have an iPhone myself. I don't know why, because I have an old iphone 6, and it so far it works and I I'm not complaining about anything for now. The problem is in us, in that we gave Apple such a fashion banner. If you have Apple product, then you are fashionable, then you advanced, then you stand well well on your own feet in this society. And therefore Apple doesn't even try anything new they just give you the same thing you have but at the same time they take large sums of money from you because now the phones Apple and so on, Apple products are far away from the best, but it became a certain worn jewelry just because it is fashionable.