Tutorial Transcript

I really love to read. I read about 30-40 minutes a day and I love to read books that focus on development of the mind, on human development. I read a lot of books on self-improvement, on financial self-improvement and on other topics too. I'm reading a book now which is called Beyond Culture and it talks about how much of what we consider culture actually is located on subconscious level. Very interesting book, I advise you all to read it. I also read books, just a second. I also read books like Beyond Religion it's a book about religion and about the ethical foundations of all religions, then The Coaching Habit is a book that helps all trainers to learn how to correctly their subordinates. Well, perhaps the last, Good to Great this is a book about what distinguishes good companies from very good from excellent companies and what lessons can be learned from this all, what lesson can be learned. And I have a focus now on self-development, and therefore to me I like such books because they are very useful to me. When I read fiction, I am bored and very uninterested so I always try to read some books on self-development.