Tutorial Transcript

Recently me and my friends We found this game Satisfactory There is a certain word play in English Because this is a game about a factory That is, in English: "Zavod"- factory And the name Satisfactory It's a word play In this game you need to build your own factory The goal of the game is to make this plant as efficient as possible You need to build Chains from smelters, constructors, warehouses and so on The game is very interesting But it's still in beta This is not the final version of the game yet But I really like these games When I was at university We took A class called Supply Chain To be honest, I don't know how to call it correctly in Russian Because I studied it in English But This class Teaches you how to properly build a sequence of actions In a factory or in production I am glad that now I can apply my knowledge in this game And I like games where you need to be as efficient as possible. And somehow figure out what works and what doesn't And what works right, what doesn't work right