Tutorial Transcript

Recently I realized that I know very little about the history of Russia. I have always liked Russian history very much, because this is my country, and because it is very rich in events. Recently I bought myself a book about Russian history and there the author writes in great detail about everything, about where we came from, how we formed and who we really are. I like this book because the author is not trying to impose his opinion on the reader; on the contrary, he is trying to show all points of view and show everything that is known about Russian history. And I, the reader, myself can make my own from this history. And I understand that as a teacher of the Russian language I am obliged to know the history of Russia well, because the history of the country explains very well some moments in the language too. And in the culture of Russia today, and therefore I read, I am very interested. And I hope that I can learn entire Russian history in two or three years, because I think this is very important for every teacher of the Russian language.