Tutorial Transcript

Now in Los Angeles a lot of places are closed. A lot of barbershops, actually, all barbershops are closed, all beauty salons are closed, furniture shops are closed and so on. And now everyone is sitting at home and nobody uses these services because they are closed. And for me ... I am very affected by the fact that barbershops are closed. That I can not call a hairdresser to home even, to cut my hair, my hair is very long now and I believe that I look a little messy. And it’s very important for me to look neatly because I make videos for you, we shoot videos for our platform, and I want for videos that will be on the Internet for many more years, for them to look... for me to look my best on them, so to speak. For me to look the best. But it's okay, I think what’s important in these videos is not how I look, but the content itself, what I'm talking about, how I explain it and etc. And I can’t wait when different barbershops will open, spa salons, beauty salons and so on because I need a barbershops and my wife needs beauty salons.