Tutorial Transcript

People travel in different ways. Usually, people fly to different countries. People love to travel to warm countries. People love to travel to historic cities and countries, to learn the culture of those places. But also people can just travel by car. They can travel around cities. They can explore their city and find interesting places in their city. And any kind of travel, I think is very helpful. Traveling for relaxation is good because you are changing your atmosphere. Traveling for cultural enlightenment, is also useful because you learn something new and how people lived, or live now, in a different way. How they are different from how you live. I enjoy traveling for leisure and I like to travel in order to learn the culture of different countries and cities. I work a lot and sometimes I just want to relax and get something new from life and sometimes, resorts such as Thailand, or how here in America, people travel to Hawaii and to Mexico and so on. It is very useful you change your atmosphere and you get something new in your life and you're relaxing from work. And also I like to explore different countries, cities, to study the different characteristics of culture in these cities. I have been to Europe a lot, but I was there when I was a child therefore, I remember a little bit. And I want as soon as possible to start traveling again in different European countries, and it is very interesting to me. I hope that in the future, I will be able to to do so. And I have a question for you friends. How do you like to travel?