Tutorial Transcript

I like to read books. I don’t read them often, but to me it's very important to read every day because it lets me focus at the coming day. It allows me to find out new things, gain new knowledge. Now I'm reading non-fiction literature because I can't read fiction literature. She is very boring for me. Because when I read my thoughts go somewhere to another place. I can not focus on the book. And so I decided that I I will not read fiction literature but I read books about becoming a better manager of a company, how to get better as a company director how to establish company so that people who work for us, work well and are happy. I also like to read biographies, some historical books. It's very interesting to me to know the world around me how it works, what events occurred in the past as well. But for me book changed their importance. Because before the book was the only source of useful information but Now we have the Internet, we have different articles on the Internet, YouTube, videos, video courses and so on. And so when now people say: "If you do not read then you are a stupid person "- this not true. Nowadays there are many different ways to get necessary and useful information.