Tutorial Transcript

I am very dependent on my phone I check messages every morning I wake up, wash my face, do exercises And immediately into the phone For me it's Not a problem anymore Because I learned to control it When I work, I have my phone screen down Now I'm recording a video, my phone is here and now it's screen down Because Very often messages come to my phone from subscribers, from our students, from my friends, from family and so on I realized that if I am in my phone like this every second, Then I won't have time to do anything Because I will be constantly be distracted by the phone Check messages constantly And I will not concentrate on what I do I did two things for myself Firstly As I said, I flip the phone and I have it like that When I have a short break, I can look at my phone and check messages And the second I've limited my phone alerts For example: Instagram, I do not receive notifications, I need to open Instagram to check messages Then, BeFluent mail does not have notifications either, because there are a lot of not letters from you. And a lot of different alerts about subscriptions and other things that I don't need to check every hour I can check these letters once a day and that will be enough Also I have all the alerts that come, they are silent If I didn't see it with my eyes Then I will not know about the new message It helps me a lot to concentrate on my work. And just do the right things And when I have a little break Then of course I open my phone and check messages