Tutorial Transcript

We have our own platform, it is called BeFluent Class - this is a platform for learning Russian. Our main goal is to make it such that every beginner in Russian can come there and learn everything, from the alphabet to speaking in Russian in general, so that he speaks fluently in this language. The goal is very ambitious and of course we still have a lot to do, but during these six months we have achieved a lot. I will only talk about the latest updates that we were able to make for you. First, we added Russian content, these are films, cartoons and TV series in Russian with translations, with subtitles. We do this through a platform called 3ears.com - it's a great site where their team just really made a great product to help students learn from Russian content. It's just a super idea and a super platform. And recently we added cartoons there and every month we upload ten episodes of cartoons or one film, that is, every month we add something to this tab of Russian content - this is the first. Second, we have worked through our main program, which is called "Russian step-by-step". This is a program that explains Russian grammar, Russian vocabulary, and so on, step by step, that is from the simplest topics to the most difficult topics. We also have a lot of videos on the way to this particular main program. And the last thing is that we recently uploaded exercises. The exercises will help you practice in a specific area of ​​grammar, vocabulary, or speaking or listening. We also have a lot to upload. We have many other new exercises that we are working on now. I smoothly move into our plans. We have a lot of exercises that we still need to develop, that is, there is content, but there is still no functional part on the site. A very serious work is being done on this now. And also a lot of work is now being done on the dictionary. We want to make our own dictionary. We are already doing it. And we want to make it so that you can find any word in Russian and learn everything about this word. For example, a verb, learn all its forms, all prefixes, all endings, that is, all the variability that this verb has so that you can learn it. These are just incredible efforts that we need to make, approximately we have prepared about a thousand verbs, and we understand that most likely there will be not a thousand, but maybe fifteen thousand, twenty thousand verbs. And for each you need to write out a translation, make a sentence, to write out all forms of all endings. This is certainly a huge work, but we will do it, this dictionary and we will succeed. Also the latter we are currently working on dialogues. Simple dialogues in Russian, which you could read, listen to and just pick up some new words for yourself. This is our news and our plans.