Tutorial Transcript

this week Los Angeles is very hot. Approximately 115 degrees Fahrenheit, which is Celsius is 45-47 degrees. For me it seems to be the hottest weather in which I ever was. I think in Novosibirsk the maximum was 35 maybe 37 degrees, but here is 47. I hate hot weather. I sweat very easily meaning if it's a little hot outside, I'm sweating. I don't like this feeling this feeling of sweat, this feeling of heat overall. The most comfortable temperature for me is 20-22 degrees. It's when you're not cold and not hot. Thank God that I have air conditioning in the apartment. In my apartment it's about 22 degrees. I don't go outside and I'm going to go out because that's too hot for me. When I go outside or even driving, then this heat is exhausting me, that is, when I am in this heat for a long time then i get a feeling of tiredness, feeling of laziness. I do not want to do anything thereafter. I really don't feel this feeling because i like to work. And when I have a feeling of tiredness at 11 am, then I can not work