Tutorial Transcript

I work a lot, I work a lot. It may be work in BeFluent, it may be studies, it may be my job here in the university and I have very little time that is, I have very little free time and when I have free time I'm doing BeFluent and that's why I have very little rest. I rest very little, of course I sleep 8 hours each day, but I lacked some hobby, that I could do and just relax everyday. I decided to take mini vacation for two days and do nothing. Just relax, have fun somehow, just being home and doing nothing. I did a little work in the morning, I did a little work on Friday and Saturday, but then I watched YouTube videos all day, I played computer games, played a guitar, read books and so on. I did not do almost any work because I wanted to relax, and today is Sunday, and now I have so much energy that I feel that I can conquer the whole world. Now I have a lot of energy and that's good I haven't felt this well for a long time, and I I realized that rest is the fuel of any kind of achievement.