Tutorial Transcript

We recently launched our BeFluent Class platform and I am really very proud of this achievement because we are working on platform every day, we already do it for about a year and it was in the beta half a year. And the truth is I have long wanted to have our own platform on which we could upload content every week, every month and just we could expand this platform every day. Because we have BeFluent Camp, we have our YouTube channel, we have 30-Day Speaking Challenge, we have a lot of different courses, but we start it let's say in February it ended in April and students could not continue to learn Russian, and now with this platform they can constantly study Russian language, for months, maybe even years, soon we will have a lot of content on the site that will be possible to learn Russian for many years, Given, of course, time allows. And our goal is that the students may come on our platform without any knowledge of the Russian language and through some time they could speak Russian fluently, learning Russian only on our platform. Of course it's a very big goal, but we will strive for it every month, every month, uploading new content and making new stuff every day, every week. And our plans for the future maybe somewhere maybe I don’t know in three months, first it's probably to upload a large number of exercises: listening, speaking, vocabulary, grammar, also upload Russian content, which is films, series, news, YouTube channels and songs, that is, we will expand our platform for more, as in for more variety of content. And then in the future probably we will already, as we expand, by all sorts of content, then we will already delve into each of the categories then there are more movies, more exercises, more grammar, more different applications that will be developed further. Now we will take, that is, a lot of different content, and then we’ll have it deepened and expanded. So. I am very happy, that we finally launch the platform, it took a lot of work hours, but they were spent with a reason, I'm sure, and our platform will only be better every day, every week, every month, and every year. Therefore, if you are interested, then please come to us at the BeFluent Class and start learning Russian with us.