Tutorial Transcript

I like rock music, I love rock music I love hard rock, I probably even love Heavy Metal, probably also belongs to this Although I honestly don't know much about genres I know what I like, I know what kind of music I like I started listening to rock music, probably in the ninth grade, about, maybe in the tenth Then I heard bands like Nickelback and Rise Against And I think that's it. That is, such very light rock bands That is, it's not hard rock, well, probably, Rise Against is more like a kind of punk rock, probably But still it was not very hard music But then, step by step, I went deeper and deeper into rock music, into its ... Every year it got harder-harder-harder But I like not only heavy music, I like very melodic music, very beautiful music And I think rock music is the best in terms of emotionality That is, listening to rock, you hear what the singer wants to say What the band wants to say, what the artist wants to say And this emotionality, it is conveyed as much as possible, it seems to me, in a rock group, in rock music In rap not so much, I think emotions can be conveyed It's more telling your story But emotions, as such, are not transmitted, it seems to me Of course I am not a fan of rap music, maybe that's why I don't understand Well, that is, what emotions rap music can evoke Well, I also think pop music, too, it is more like for some kind of entertainment and other things, but ... But at least for me For me, pop music and rap music do not have that emotionality or are not reflected in my emotions As strong as rock music And my favorite bands are Alter Bridge, I think my favorite band, rock band Then Avenged Sevenfold and probably Disturbed Probably, these three groups are my favorite Of course, I have many other bands that I often listen to, but they are not my favorites. I can't say that I am ... I really like all their work Avenged Sevenfold, Alter Bridge and Disturbed are probably my favorites Because I can listen to all of their different songs, different variations of their songs, yeah I think music has such a big place in my life. Because, of course, sometimes Music somehow reflects my emotions, my feelings Which I experience and sometimes you just go somewhere by car, alone Want to turn up the music And just party to this music, hang out and just sing, scream in the car And it really somehow helps you express yourself emotionally Emotionally discharge and just cheer yourself up