Tutorial Transcript

I play tennis for already 15 years, almost 16 years and today is the last day I play tennis by obligation, that is, because I must. And because we are over the season in my university, I played in university for four years, and I now finished my tennis career, and I'm undoubtedly happy. Why? Because with time when I was probably twelve years old, tennis was a major part of my life, but gradually from 12 to almost 21 less and less, less, and less, and less I had an interest in tennis. I started doing business, I began to teach Russian language, started to do other projects, and tennis was an obligatory part of my life, and I did not always love it. Because now in a University I play much worse than all, the rest of most other players, and so I do not like going out on court, knowing that most likely I will lose. And all these trainings, I like it all, but I'd rather do other things. I really love my tennis team, my university, but when it comes to me personally, I would much, how to say, it would be much nicer to do other things. I will also continue support my team because they are very good people and will continue to help them grow, because I believe, that our team deserves it, I I believe that I can also help my team. And because I have now less time to go to tennis, I'll have much more time to engage with what I love, which is to teach the Russian language, and to somehow self-develop, perhaps, learn new skills and so on. I will do what I like.