Tutorial Transcript

I was probably 15 years old or 14, when I realized that all I get in this life depends only on me, and only on me, on no one else. And I had one instance when I realized this, when I was in the class, I was a little teased, little teased sometimes, but very friendly sorta. And there was one day when I was sitting at home, I was offended at school somehow, I sat and thought, why this happens. I I thought, why do not they do this to that guy, who is the same as me. He doesn't do anything special, he is just as normal, but why do not they stick to him? I understood, because every time they do, he beats them back, he fights, he gives them resistance. And I did not do it and then realized that it was not their fault, but my fault. I fixed it, it was my best, so to say, lesson in my life. And now I I understand that many people live like this? not understanding that everything that happens to them is happening because of them only. They are sitting at home on a couch, playing computer games whole day, they drink alcoholic beverages every weekend, they, I don't know, smoke marijuana and etc. Just live their life aimlessly, they do not have any goals for future, they do not have goals and they do not aspire for anything, as if the world itself will give them all that they need, and this is not so. I honestly speaking, believe that if everyone at least once a month would sit one on one with themselves and would think, "what do I want to achieve in this life?" or at least," what do I want to achieve in this month?" and would have spoken with themselves about any plans for the future, and then in this month they would somehow go toward this? life of every person on this planet would be much, much better. Many of us live and somehow live a life, thinking only about what will happen tomorrow or what will be today, they do not think about how, where these actions will lead them in a year, or in 10 years. I, for myself, I realized that it is very important for me to have life goals and to strive for them, for example now I'm in front of the camera why? Why? Because I realized that I- I understood this about five years ago- I like to study, I tried myself in different spheres of education, thiscan be sports and others, then I realized that I really like languages, I began to teachEnglish, I began to teach my friends. Then I realized, that I also like to teach Russian language, this was my third, so to speak, point. Began to make videos, and it took off for me. It was a lot of success with this, then I realized that I needed to write a course on Russian, one more course, a site and so on, from the fact that I realized what I want to achieve. I was getting there with big steps. And that's why I'm here now before you, because I'm reaching another goal in this life is to achieve, well, I do not know, 50,000 subscribers on this channel, this is my goal, I now strive for this. Here so my advice to you is from personal experience, my life has changed dramatically, when I began to set goals for a year, for a month, for a day, and so on, when I ceased to live aimlessly, and so when you learn Russian, set goals for yourself so that you reach them slowly, and that you can have some kind of progress.