Tutorial Transcript

Subtitles start at 0:32 I've always studied different business, maybe books, different business advice, I listened to interviews, I listened to podcasts on business. And very often I was looking, I was looking for information about money, that is, how to make more money, But then I realized that the main investment in my age- it's an investment in me. That is, in my knowledge, in my skills, in my ... some ... Well, yes, skills and knowledge. And recently I invested not a very large sum into programming courses. And I got very very much from it. That is knowledge. I can now use this knowledge in practice. But if I had this money invested in some, some shares of the company, then now I would have, say ten dollars more, for example, right? But instead, I got much more information, which will be much more useful for me. And I realized that you need not to be afraid to spend money on something useful for your future. For example, I stopped saving on paper books. That is, usually, I downloaded .pdf and read just from the phone. But I realized that books, when you see them before your eyes, when they are real, then a different... that reading feels differently. And therefore, I call upon all of you, to not be afraid to invest money in your education and in your own improvement of skills. I do not want to now here advertise my own resources, but even if you want to invest in your study of Russian language, then you will not regret spending 50 dollars when the return on this will be much more serious. That is, you will save yourself time, and save yourself, time to search for unnecessary information. Because then you will know, that what you have learned is wrong. And you will have to retrain yourself. Now I do a lot of investing in myself, in some, do not know, goods for example. Better camera, better microphone, for example, to improve the quality of my videos, and my "business". So here it is, what I think about investments.