Tutorial Transcript

As you probably know In America there is a hurricane now. Probably, "tornado" is probably better to say, it is very very strong winds and a lot, a lot of rains and floods around the country. And they forecasted that this tornado will come to the city, in which I am in, to Hampton, and so I left this city. I went to Philadelphia, and on the way I fell asleep, but the air conditioning was very cold, that is air that was coming out of the air conditioner, was very cold and I caught a cold. At first, my throat was a little sore, then the head started hurting, but there was not much pain, just a little. I felt weak, I had some kind of apathy, overall, to everything. So, I did not want to do anything. But the headache was not very strong, and so when I took I took a couple of drugs, then I quickly recovered, and when I came to ... back here to the university, then I felt fine I coughed a little, now too it happens that I cough sometimes, but nothing serious, and I have already recovered. I do not have a headache.