Tutorial Transcript

I recently started to take care of my health again I started running, eating right, playing sports and so on ... I gained a lot of weight when I was in Russia I really didn’t like it and I’m actively getting rid off it now I understand that my problem is nutrition, I eat a lot I may eat the right food, but I eat too much I can eat, I don’t know ... Noodles with meat and just eat a lot of it I don’t eat fast food almost, I don’t eat a lot of sweets, but my problem is that I eat a lot And now I'm struggling with it. I try not to eat much, not to eat before bedtime, and also eat less sweets I noticed that I ... I have little energy every day, I have less energy for daily activities, because I eat little But, I feel better, I feel lighter and I understand, I see that I am losing weight I want to do this for another two or three months, then I think that I will have the ideal weight and everything will be fine