Tutorial Transcript

Me and my girlfriend, we really love Black Mirror. We watched all the series of the first four seasons and began to watch the fifth one. We only watched two episodes so far. The first episode is it was with Miley Cyrus I believe, and the second was about phones, about social networks. And for now, to be honest, I'm a little upset, because before especially with the first episode, in general there was some kind of Disney, some happy end there, or something. I do not know, I did not understand why this was done. I honestly did not understand the concept at all. So. Because it was a very good idea with people trying to imitate their idols, but then in the end there was some kind of nonsense, I don’t know. Yeah. But the second series was a little better. There was some meaning in it, but anyway, I don’t know before when you watched Black Mirror, you did not understand what will happen in the end, in the end there was usually some kind of shock. I don’t know, there was something that you don’t expected, but now, I don’t know, everything is somehow predictable or something. Yes, it makes sense, each series has a message, it makes some sense, but there is nothing not obvious. Everything is very obvious. Everything it’s clear how it will develop further, and I hope that further series will be better than past, because past ones just were some ordinary, like a typical TV series. And it seems to me that the Black Mirror, as a show, is generally much better than their last season.