Tutorial Transcript

House that I will describe is not my house, but it is very interesting. I lived in this house for around a week. This house had two floors. Two floors and six rooms. Also there was a big kitchen, big kitchen, with a large fridge. And this house was very spacious There was also a pool table, or as we call it in Russia, billiards. This house also had a pool but this pool did not work. The water was very cold. In this house we lived and talked, and having fun. We watched TV, also the TV was very good. We had breakfast together, had lunch, had dinner and so on. And each had a separate room where we could go and be there alone by ourselves. Living in this house, I realized a big house for me is not needed. Of course, when I have big family maybe yes. But now I need only two rooms, well, three. Bedroom, my personal office, where can I record videos and the kitchen, and the bathroom of course. And that's all.