Tutorial Transcript

I fell in love with Russian at school. We had a wonderful teacher of the Russian language, who instilled this love in us, well, instilled this love in me. It was hard to study, but ... I saw that she loves the Russian language and she respects and appreciates it. And this love has been transmitted to me And now, when I try to teach you the Russian language, Then I try to approach it with the same love. I’m trying to understand the language, to understand why we say so, and not so, Why do we say hi here and hello here What is the difference? And not only how they say it on the Internet or in textbooks. But really, how to use the Russian language in real life. It can be very difficult to do, but I think that if I can figure it out Why ... what is the difference between two similar phrases. I can convey this to all of you Your use of the Russian language will be better And it will be cleaner and more correct And it will be more respectful to our rich and great Russian language Yeah My love for Russian only intensifies every year Because I understand how interesting and rich this language really is