Tutorial Transcript

Subtitles start at 1:05. I almost graduated from university, I almost graduated with Bachelors. I on;y have, I only have two exams left, which I will have tomorrow. I finished playing tennis, I'm finishing to study at university and I don't have anymore lectures, I do not have any more classes, I no longer have any other duties, except those that I came up with myself, like BeFluent, that is I am my own boss almost at 100% now. My time, I dispose of my time almost as I desire. And in the last two weeks, when almost everything has fallen off my shoulders, almost the entire load, I realized how pleasant it is to live, when you do not have any pressure, which you do not like. That is, you don't have to do what you do not like, and then I sat there and thought how many people, on this planet Earth, who work from 9 to 5, or even longer, at the unloved job. And they work just because they need to. And this a half of their lives. How's that? And for me it is really not clear, because I can't imagine my life, where I live for the benefit of someone else, but not for my own benefit, when at least half of my day passes, somehow not in the way I want and not how I like it, most importantly. I realized that I should work very very hard to prevent that I live by other people's rules, but to truly live and without this unnecessary pressure that I do not like. Because of the fact that now I have no extra burden, I can do much more for you, for BeFluent, for my business and I truly like it. I'm just just a lot happier, I feel more free, I feel that I have no haste, even say for video recording, because before I have, say, two hours a week, a small window where I can record. And if something goes wrong, then I have my entire schedule thrown down the pipe, out the window. And I realized how wonderful it is to be free and not depend on anyone, and plan your day yourself.