Tutorial Transcript

I recently bought a game Civilization 6 This is a very long game, but for me it is very interesting. In this game you can play for any civilization, almost any: Norway, France, England, Spain, Germany, Russia, what else was there I forget some of them, there are a lot of them. And with every civilization you can develop, build different buildings, study different achievements and so on. This is a strategy in which you need to beat other civilizations through war, or technology, through culture or through religion. There are many different ways to win and therefore this game is very interesting. For me, I loved strategy games all my life, I loved the development in games, Well, so in life too. That's why, I find it very interesting to me to do business. We are in business with BeFluent three years now and for me it is very interesting, very interesting to me to find answers to the questions about business, and channel, and development o staff and so on. For me, it's like a game in real life, it's very interesting and it motivates me. It's motivating to me that I need to find answers myself. The fact that there are no answers somewhere in the book. I like to find the answers to very tough questions.