Tutorial Transcript

Lately, the weather in Hampton is very strange, sometimes we have rainy and cold weather, and then we have very warm and sunny weather. Today it got cold, in reverse, because I do not know why, to be honest. We have some very strong temperature drops now, but of course Hampton is much warmer than Novosibirsk. I come from Novosibirsk and it's much, much colder there, than here in Hampton. We have snow at home still. So of course there's nothing to compare even. But, though I come from Siberia, I do not like cold weather, when it's cold it's not pleasant for me, but on the other hand I I do not like very hot weather either, like in California I've been there a couple of times and there well, extremely hot there, very dry and the weather is very well hot about forty-forty three degrees Celsius, especially if the sun is bright, it is generally very ... very severe but i like weather which is about twenty to eighteen probably degrees when you can go out in a t-shirt, as well as wearing a sweater, yes. Well, I am done with this topic.