Tutorial Transcript

Today is already July and summer has gone by very quickly I think, of course, this is due to the fact that there's coronavirus now And now, in general, the world is kind of a little frozen That is, all summer activities are not open yet Or they are in some kind of limited access, for example So But, nevertheless, my summer is going great I work, I work every day, I work out As much as possible, because all gyms are closed, pools are also closed But I try to work out And just to take care of my health So I don't have many plans for the summer Plans only related to BeFluent It starts in July ... More precisely, we already have our Be Fluent Camp going And I need to work a lot on this program So that people receive their feedback on their homework, receive exercises, and so on ... And also we will need to prepare in August ... prepare for the Speaking Challenge Which we have in September So So, I won’t have anything special, except for work, but I really like working, so I'm very glad that my summer will be very productive