Tutorial Transcript

I'm studying now, I'm finishing my master's degree, I will get MBA, which is the Master of Business Administration, or Masters of Management. And this is my fifth year at university. And I understand that the university - it is, frankly, a waste of time. For all these five years, what life taught me is much more than what my professors taught me in the University. Roughly speaking, doing Russian language and the fact that I am teaching Russian on YouTube, I learned much more than all these five years altogether. Much more! I learned how to manage my income, my money, I learned, how to control myself, how to behave better in society. And much more. While, my professors at the university taught me almost nothing. It's simple, they have a mentality that's a little wrong. They almost all teach in order for you to take tests well. And after this course I am no longer remember anything, nothing of this course, at all nothing. And therefore, I believe that if you really want to become a better person, then you need to teach yourself different things. For example, read books. For example, apply some useful financial tips in practice for example. And so on. Well I honestly am greatly disappointed in what the university taught me. I thought they would make a good professional of me, but really I made myself into this professional.