Tutorial Transcript

I often listen to music. I am often by myself, that's why I love to listen to music. I don't need to listen to anyone. I like rock music and I especially like hard rock. I do not know the correct name, but heavy rock or metal I'm not exactly sure. But I like music with emotions when I feel that the artist expresses their emotional position about something. I don't like pop music because for me pop music is emotionless. People who perform pop music, I don't feel what they say about themselves and their problems and when I listen to rock very aggressive, very expressive then I feel the soul of the performer. Also I like rap music when again I feel that a person pours out their soul, he expresses everything he thinks and doesn't hide their emotions. I really appreciate music and I love art very much but when art turns into a business then it can negatively affect the quality of this art.