Tutorial Transcript

Recently, my girlfriend Victoria and I started watching the TV series Breaking Bad I do not remember exactly what it is called in Russian, but it seems to me that it's called: "Во все тяжкие," and this series is very good It captures your attention, it is very interesting at the same time. I noticed that now people are starting to watch TV shows more and more, because series they reveal more personality characters, all ... They reveal all the characters more in series, rather than in a typical movie. The film is two hours maximum and you can not tell the whole story of the heroes and therefore everything is very compressed. And in the series, you have a lot of time to slowly talk about heroes more and more. Therefore, I like series much more than movies because again the depth of the heroes is much larger than a regular movie. But I understand I don't need to spend a lot of time on watching TV shows and so we are with my girlfriend we try to limit ourselves and keep everything under control.