Tutorial Transcript

I love to wear comfortable clothes. I like wear t-shirts and shorts, because these clothes are very light and I am not hot in it. Sometimes my mother tell me off or my girlfriend does it, or parents in general, that I'm going to people in unsuitable clothes which are indecent. For example, in sports clothes when all people wear jeans and shirts, to which I tell them, "I am comfortable like this. It is convenient for me to go in a T-shirt, shorts, in sneakers. I feel comfortable like this." Why should I wear what they wear? I do not want to. And I also like light and thin clothes a lot, because I'm a big guy and I sweat a lot and when clothes are warm and hot, thick I sweat even more so I try to choose light clothes that breathe, air in which goes through the clothes. And also because I don't wear much shirts, don't wear jeans much, I love T-shirts with prints, with interesting inscriptions with an interesting pattern and so on. And I recently ordered three or four t-shirts with those interesting prints, here. I will soon pick them up from the pick up points.